Yet another blog about Artificial Intelligence… But what for?

My name is Philippe Wieczorek and I have been involved in the computer industry for the past 30+ years.

I worked in many different types of companies (from start-ups to SME and large corporations), in various sectors (services, industry, telecom, …) and occupied several positions (R&D, Innovation, Marketing, Operations…)

I am currently working at Minalogic, the Innovation Cluster in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region, dedicated to digital technologies.

Minalogic offers me a unique vantage point on the digital industry, its players, its markets, its trends, both technological and business-wise.

No one may escape today to the “Artificial Intelligence” Tsunami that invade every product advertisement, promising the Earth, without no one being really informed about the technology, its capabilities and limitations.

I concluded writing a series of brief articles to be the most efficient way to provide a candid and ‘as objective as possible’ view of current AI developments. I have not wanted these articles to be highly technical, but rather accessible to everybody, giving concrete examples of what Artificial Intelligences are / are not and about their usages.

I convinced some regional organizations to support this blog, namely (in alphabetical order) :

  • Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region,
  • Digital League, the software cluster in Auvergne Rhone-Alpes,
  • GEM, Grenoble Business School,
  • Lyon is AI, the AI cluster of Lyon city
  • MINALOGIC, the digital innovation cluster of Auvergne Rhone-Alpes,
  • MIAI, Grenoble Multidisciplenary research Institute on Artificial Intelligence

Together, our modest goal is to help people understand the ubiquitous AI terms they are exposed to every day, providing them keys to decide the usages they want for AI, and to accept (or reject) the AI technology and the derived products.

I am personnally planning to write a new post every two weeks, and secretely hope that my unpretentious articles will make you want to share your own AI thoughs, experiences and expertize.

Together with yours, we should be able to gather enough material to make our opinion about whether and how Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives.

This blog is yours and I will be happy to publish the articles you will send, giving credits to you of course.

Welcome aboard!


Philippe Wieczorek, R&D and Innovation Director at Minalogic, on behalf of the MIAInnovation quarterly team.

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