Myth or Reality? “AI is (way) better than humans”.

As discussed in the previous articles, we agreed that Artificial Intelligence is able to do many “intelligent” things, like understand verbal commands, recognize images, play games better than humans do, and perform complex tasks on their own (like driving cars for example). Does that mean however that AI is better than humans are? This articleContinue reading “Myth or Reality? “AI is (way) better than humans”.”

Myth or Reality: “AI does not concern me”.

“Artificial Intelligence” has become a trendy buzzword over the last couple of years. Although as shown in my previous articles, the concept is not new or disruptive, as with every embedded technology, it is sometimes hard to measure if and how the technology concerns users. Public belief about AI seems to be that “AI doesContinue reading “Myth or Reality: “AI does not concern me”.”